Advantages of a dedicate website

1. Become Google-able

When people Google your business name, having a website with your own domain increases your ranking.


2. Staying up-to-date is easy

When you have access to your own website, you can update it instantly.


3. Unlimited pages

Add as many pages as you want to your website.


4. Online shopping

Reach more customers by adding an online store.
(Other optional extras include online forms and a YouTube video viewer.)


5. Mobile-friendly

Many people use their phones to go online, which means you need a responsive website that adapts to mobile devices.


6. “Hello?”

Cellphone users can call you just by clicking on your phone number.


7. Friendly reminders

Increase sales by letting your customers know about events and promotions via free email
or bulk SMS (only 25c each).

8. Advertising revenue

Make extra income by selling advertising space on your website.


9. Photo gallery

Display pictures of your products, corporate events or your team at work.


10. Specialised modules

Restaurants, estate consultants, motor dealers, Community Policing Forums, schools, accommodation establishments and recruitment companies can add specially designed modules to optimize their websites.


>> But I already have a website. Why should I use Kwikwap?

Ask yourself if your current website offers all the above features. If not, you may need to rethink your online presence and what you could gain from this system.
Kwikwap can take over your existing website for a once-off transfer fee of R165, plus a set up fee that won’t break the bank.

>> I am thinking about getting a website, but I’m worried I won’t be able to update it myself.

If you can use the internet, Kwikwap can make you a webmaster in a few hours. Plus your consultant will always be a phone call away if you need help.

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Website Examples


kwikwap web 1

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kwikwap web 2

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kwikwap web 3

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